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The old aphorism is still valid. Time runs, waits for no one.

What we want to achieve by forming associations for arthroscopic surgery and sports traumatology of Serbia ASTAS, is to gather and connect people who share a common interest in this field of medicine. Worldwide there are associations highly professional focused towards arthroscopic surgery and sports traumatology. There are specialized journals. The primary goal of our organization is education. We want to get closer the current world knowledge and trends to a broad professional audience in the country. We want to popularize this operative technique. We want to educate young doctors who are interested in arthroscopy. We want to introduce standards in their and our work. We will tray to bring top world and European surgeons, sports physicians at our conferences and courses and to learn from them. We want to send our members to learn in educational centers in Europe and the worldwide. We want to connect, collaborate and exchange information with similar organizations. Our wish is to connect athletes and sports teams with surgeons, sports doctors, physiatrists and therapists.

The first step that is making a few months ago was establishment of ASTAS – Association of Sports Traumatology and Arthroscopy of Serbia.

Dr. Vaso Kecojević, M.D.
Orthopedic surgeon
President of ASTAS